My Family 

We’re Ashley, Isabel, Hudson & Adeline Bugge and we are a family of adventurers! Before ever having kids together, my late husband, Brian and I made the decision to make our children a part of our lives instead of becoming a part of theirs. This mentality allowed and allows us to continue to explore the world and to instill a love of travel and adventure in our kids from a very young age. I believe the best education we can offer ourselves and our children is exposure and experience and I strive everyday to make this happen for our family.

Our lives have changed quite rapidly in the days, weeks and months since losing Brian. After he passed away, the kids and I very quickly moved off the island of Oahu and traded in our flip-flops and swimsuits for long sleeves and SUV's in Boise, ID until I had our baby in July 2018. We then packed up our lives in Boise and headed for the Pacific Northwest where we will stay for the foreseeable future. I met Brian in Portland, OR and the Pacific Northwest is what feels like home and where I find comfort.

I currently spend my days connecting with others, encouraging and empowering people to share their experiences in overcoming personal struggles. I'm writing a book on this experience, planning family trips to places we've never been before and trying to remain conscious of how quickly life is speeding by. Our daughter, Isabel is just like her namesake - the constant life of the party and really embodies the Just Enjoy mentality, even at her young age. She is outgoing, intelligent, hilarious, sassy and I can't wait to see what she does with her life. Our son, Hudson is more of an introvert like his dad and prefers 1:1 time, playing outside on his bike and anything to do with water. He enjoys antagonizing his sister and I know he will do amazing things in his future. Adeline was born 5 weeks early due to pregnancy complications brought on by the stress of losing Brian, however she was perfectly healthy and has big shoes to fill in order to keep up with her brother and sister. She will never get to meet her dad but she will know his legacy and how much he loved her by the stories and photos shared throughout the years ahead.