March 2010 
I was in the midst of buying my plane ticket to Iceland when I thought of a good friend of mine who lives in Stockholm, Sweden. I knew the two weren’t more than a few hours away via plane so I checked into the cost of a plane ticket to hop over to Sweden from Iceland for a few days. When I was able to find one for around $250US, I sent her a quick email asking if she’d be around in early March and when she gave me the email equivalent of a thumbs up, I purchased the tickets and was soon going to be headed that way!

Sweden was exactly how & what I thought it would be. Populated by beautiful, vodka drinking, blonde hair & blue eyed people of Scandinavian descent… and I loved every minute of it.

I spent my week in Stockholm walking around downtown during the day, exploring the gorgeous city which is a juxtapose of new and old architecture & lifestyle. It was still covered in snow while I was visiting which I wasn’t exactly expecting since they’re so close to the water, but it did add a certain element to the experience. The friend which I was visiting, Theresa had a good friend, Ola who lived in a home out in the country where we stayed for the week. The first night in town, they took me to the grocery store to buy some vegan food items (basically cereal, soy milk, toast & some fruit) since the vegan diet lifestyle hadn’t quite hit the city of Stockholm yet. We also loaded up on local Swedish Vodka’s (when in Rome, right!?) and spent the night taking shots and celebrating my first night in the country. Over the course of the week Theresa, Ola and I drank our way through most of the city, stopping to meet up with a few of Theresa’s other friends who moved to Sweden from all other parts of the world. The four of us had lunch (dessert) together and laughed out how we each represented different continents of the world and could form our own UN right there.

One of the things that stands out to me about Sweden – Stockholm in particular is their strange fascination with trolls. Everywhere you go, you see images, posters, shops & souvenir’s, dedicated to these little weird creatures with fuzzy hair. I didn’t understand it then and I haven’t taken the time to research it in the time since, but when I think back on my time spent in this country, it conjures images in my head of walking past shops upon shops full of these little troll statues.