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The Ocean is Calling
is now available!

From the award winning author of, 'Always Coming Back Home' comes Ashley Bugge's newest memoir! The Ocean is Calling shares a journey of heartache, discovery, travel, family and exploration. Ashley hopes that her story will encourage readers to be confident and trust that whatever happens in life, there is hope and joy ahead. 

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Meet Ashley

Award-Winning Author. Polar Explorer. Mom.

Doing life my way as a military widow.

At 6 months pregnant with her third child, Ashley received a phone call that would forever change the path of her life and that of her children. Ashley's husband, a naval officer, died in a tragic scuba diving accident, leaving her heartbroken, pregnant and alone with her kids on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


Summoning every ounce of grit, stubbornness and sheer determination within, Ashley has figured out how to move through the greatest adversity and from it, turn this tragedy into a triumph. This is her journey in finding the strength and courage to rebuild her life. 


If you want to do something, do it now. Live a life you will remember. 

You can read more about Ashley's journey here and follow her on facebook to stay updated on all thats ahead!


Learn how Ashley can inspire your team to overcome adversity, live a life with no bucket list & raise resilient children. 


Ashley has turned her tragedy into triumph, and encouraged her children to do the same. Their story is now a series of best-selling books!


Finding herself a pregnant widow at the age of thirty-four, Ashley has overcome the darkest of days. Read about her journey here.


Ashley and her family have lived a life of adventure, travel and exploration, and now you can experience a portion of their lives through these short films.


Ashley's remarkable outlook of living a life with no bucket list has captivated the hearts of viewers around the world and enticed media outlets to take note.


Motivational Speaker. Award-Winning Author. Military Widow. Mom. Ashley does it all. Contact her to help inspire your team to do more!

"Ashley's unique perspective of persistence and determination will motivate and empower your team, group or school by using her own real life examples of overcoming extreme adversity."

Speaking & Books

I am available for interviews, speaking events, podcast guest appearances and more. Simply contact me for more information.

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The Movie

About The Movie:

Three children, three adults, eight countries and two months. After losing my husband in a tragic scuba diving accident in May 2018, my three children and I embarked on a journey to find healing and create new memories together as a family. We've had many ups and downs along the way, a lot of laughter and even more tears, but this trip to Europe was a pivotal time for us, proving to each other that we, as a family of four - with the help and support of incredible friends - are in this together and will make it. This is our story.

Latest Blog Posts

Read my recent posts from blog below, or visit the full blog here.

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Get In Touch

Help inspire exploration, love & hope to those searching for a little more.

Using personal stories of turning tragedy into triumph, Ashley offers a unique perspective into what it means to overcome adversity and flourish from it. 

Available for groups, classrooms, team meetings, podcasts and more! 

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