Doing life my way as a military widow. A Mom. A Traveler. A Writer.  An Adventurer. 

At 6 months pregnant with my third child, I received a phone call that would forever change the path of my life and that of my children. My husband, a naval officer, died in a tragic scuba diving accident, leaving me heartbroken, pregnant and alone with my kids on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


Summoning every ounce of grit, stubbornness and sheer determination within, I've figured out how to move through the greatest adversity and from it, turn this tragedy into a triumph. This is my journey in finding the strength and courage to rebuild our lives. 


This video is a tribute to my late husband, Captain Brian J. Bugge.


This film documents his 2017 Transpacific voyage in our 36' yellow sailboat, 'Stay Gold' and shows the (literal) ups and downs of life at sea and the bonds forever forged because of it.


The journey took 21 days with a crew of four men, all seeking something - they returned to land changed men. Brian was a true captain who has now returned to the sea that he so loved.