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Always Coming Back Home

An Emotional Tale of Love, Adventure, Tragedy and Hope.

Always coming back home: A true story of life, love and the greatest adventures is a book dedicated to the incredible life of my late husband. This book tells the story of a US naval officer and his bride. A romance that started with a simple introduction but spanned decades. An inside look at weathering military deployments and months apart, the adventures of scuba diving, sailing, world travel, and the truest love any two people have ever experienced. Through triumphs and tragedies, deployments and heartache, this book is my story. 

This is not only a book, but a process, and a reminder to throw away your bucket lists and to instead truly live your life, a life you will remember. 

A Hui Hou: Until We Meet Again

Hardcover – October 20, 2020

One day in Hawaii, while doing what he loved most, Dadda is lost in a terrible diving accident. At first, Izzy, Hudson, and Addy don't understand what's happened. Why is Momma so sad? Why hasn't Dadda come home for dinner yet? Why are so many people visiting and giving them new toys? But as time passes, the three siblings start to realize where their Dadda has gone. It takes them a lot of bravery to understand why it's OK to be happy that he gets to dive forever while also being sad because they miss him so much.

A Hui Hou: Until We Meet Again is the heart-wrenching true story of a family's devastating loss. But it is also a story about understanding, accepting, and processing death and grief, uniquely narrated by children, for children. Izzy, Hudson, and Addy share their experience in the pure, emotional, and unfiltered way needed to help young minds grasp the impossible: the loss of a loved one.


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