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Book Updates - Timeline

Met with my publishing team and decided on final book name! Always Coming Back Home:

An emotional tale of love, adventure, tragedy and hope. Release date details coming soon!!


Today I had my onboarding call with my publishers office to discuss what the next few steps of this process look like. I'll be meeting with their marketing and design team in the coming weeks to discuss the book cover, official launch date, marketing strategy and more. Stay tuned!


I've signed with a publisher!! I officially have my first book deal. SO EXCITED!!


I've now met with two publishers interested in publishing book one! SO excited!! Will have update soon on how to pre-order and book launch dates!


First meeting for book #2. Strategy session and putting together rough outline. Here we go!


I just typed the final sentence of my first manuscript. You guys, I can't believe it. I'm a flood of mixed emotions. All of my thoughts are out there and now it's time for the editing to begin. I can't believe it. Stay tuned for what's next! 


The last chapters are within sight! Wrapping up writing and thoughts on final chapters and I simply can't believe just like that my first book is nearly done. AGH!


Just wrapped up chapter 12 and first round of edits and still maintaining the deadline of finishing this manuscript before leaving for Hawaii in May for the one year anniversary of Brian's death. 


Things are cruising along. Working on chapter 11 now and just came across this email from Brian, which I will be including. Just surpassed the 40,000 word milestone!

Stay Updated:





From: Brian

To: Ashley

Date: Tue, Sep 8, 2015 at 1:18 PM

Subject: RE: 103  


I can't believe that first phone call was almost three years ago. So crazy. Time has flown by so quickly. This is almost the end of our second deployment. And our two-year anniversary in just a couple months! Wow. And we have a daughter who is over a year old. Actually...she's 13.898393938 months old. I just counted. :-)
My love. You make me so happy, even from so far away. Just knowing that you're waiting for me at home, with our beautiful daughter, makes it all worth it. I know that some day we'll look back on these days apart and know they were difficult but worth it. Times that taught us just how strong our love is. I know it's a bit trite to say it but; nothing good comes easy. And I know that this love we share is beyond good. It's beyond words that can express anything good...they're just not enough.
I think we have more than a shot at it...I think we have it. As long as we keep being who we are as individuals then we'll keep growing as a couple and that will only prove to make us stronger and more in love each day.
I promise I'm hurrying as fast as I can. I can't wait to see you. <3


2/23/19: I've been busy! Just sent in chapter 7 for final edits and approval! Chapter 7 introduces Brian's voice as we exchanged emails -literally hundreds of them- back and forth while on his first deployment, days after finding out we were pregnant with our first baby! I'm now nearing the halfway mark now and already looking ahead towards content for books 2 & 3. I've always wanted to write a book but never really thought I'd see it to fruition. I'm so grateful to Brian for giving me the strength & courage to tell our story. 

2/4/19: Settled on a working title. ALWAYS COMING BACK HOME.


1/30/19: Playing around with titles for this book, please feel free to comment if you have any suggestions! Also, talking now about second book to record the journey we're taking this summer overseas! 3 months, 2 continents, 7 countries, 6 people. CAN'T WAIT!


1/27/19: It's been a busy few weeks! Chapters 4 & 5 complete which means the first 20,000 words are done! Out for editing and blind reads now and then I move forward to chapter 6!

1/14/2019: Chapter 3 complete!


1/7/2019: Phone meeting to go over Chapters 3 & 4.

1/6/2019: Chapter 2 in for review!

12/19/2018: Chapter 1 complete! Our first phone call after 10 years apart and remembering how we first met.

11/26/2018: Phone meeting to go over Chapters 1 and 2. 

11/21/2018: Prologue complete!


10/26/2018: Rough outline complete.


10/19/2018: Strategy Meeting. Discussed direction of  book and stories to include/omit.

10/12/2018: I found an agency to work with. First meeting held and will be starting to put together outline next week.

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