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Valentine's Day

Now taking applications to be my 2019 valentine.

The only catch is; I don’t want to go out on a date, I don’t want to leave my house, but if I do, I’ll have my three young kids in tow so we’ll need to be back by 530PM to start getting ready for bedtime, you’ll need to be prepared for me to recount my last 6 years of Valentines days and how above and beyond Brian went on each and every single one of them, and in all honestly I’ll probably cry if I have to look at cute couples smiling and kissing – in person or on TV. Oh! And I’m not currently drinking alcohol or eating chocolate so no need to bother with those.

What’s in it for you you ask? For you, I’ll borrow one of Izzy’s LOL girl surprise doll valentines she’s handing out to her classmates and put your name on it, my sister Jessica left a half full bottle of pink wine in my fridge on her last visit and since I’m not currently drinking, you can have the rest of it AND you’ll probably get a sweet shout out in my next blog post making you mega, somewhat, kinda, small scale internet famous.

Tempted? Any takers? :)

For real though. I love Valentines Day but this one can suck it. Anyone else super bummed about not having anyone to spoil/be spoiled by on Thursday? If yes and you live in the greater Portland/Vancouver metro area and want to come watch Izzy and Hudson destroy an entire bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups, you’re welcome to come join me. <3

For now though, enjoy this photo of Izzy being well, Izzy.

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