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The Ocean is Callingexposes the realities of a life’s greatest love and loss: the unexpected death of a spouse, followed by giving birth to a child, alone. Facing insurmountable grief, Ashley Bugge takes readers through a journey like no other—from a bitter dark night with a bottle of sleeping pills in her hand to giving birth alone, to a no-holds-barred expedition through eight countries with her three young children in tow.The Ocean is Calling shares a journey of heartache, discovery, travel, family and exploration. Ashley hopes that her story will encourage readers to be confident and trust that whatever happens in life, there is hope and joy ahead.


A Hui Hou: Until We Meet Again - is the heart-wrenching true story of a family's devastating loss. But it is also a story about understanding, accepting, and processing death and grief, uniquely narrated by children, for children. Izzy, Hudson, and Addy share their experience in the pure, emotional, and unfiltered way needed to help young minds grasp the impossible: the loss of a loved one.

Always Coming Back Home - uses heartfelt stories and real-time emails sent from a deployed sailor to his bride, so readers quickly become invested in this young family. The couple takes readers on adventures of sailing and scuba diving throughout the world. They also keep readers laughing as the couple becomes first time parents, anxious with them during military deployments, upset with them through miscarriages and family loss, and finally, heartbroken as it all comes to an end with a single phone call. Always Coming Back Home is a candid and raw account of two ordinary people coming together to accomplish extraordinary things.

Ashley Bugge Book Bundle

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